Camera DSC-HX50V Lemon?

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I've been a faithful Canon and Panasonic girl when it comes to my cameras. For Christmas 2013, I asked for a the Sony DSC-HX50V as it came recommended by my boss. My parents were so kind as to get me this gift. I can't tell you what a disappointment this camera has been. Shortly after using the camera, I experienced strange issues when grabbing off the camera via a USB cord (it splits the files into two folders). Annoying, but I worked around it. I carried on and enjoyed the camera while it lasted... Within 10 months, it was broken. Some sort of error with the lens motor. It was within warranty, so Sony fixed it. I was so happy to get it back, but to my disappointment it came back with a new problem: the flash wouldn't work! Back it went. Sony covered it as it was within warranty, which I appreciated.

Fast forward to now. I've had the camera around 20 months. I took a photo at a restaurant and I heard a strange noise when the flash went off. I took another photo with flash and I heard a *POP*... flash busted. This time, I'm out of the warranty and Sony told me I had to go off and pay for the repair--estimated at $200 (I got a quote). First of all, I'm fairly certain this issue is due to lack of quality in the work they did on the flash before. I've never in my life had a camera break so many times! I also take good care of my cameras.

Sony should really be responsible for this repair! It's unbelievable... Last Sony camera I'll ever own. I feel horrible that my parents spent their hard earned money on this. I'm too embarrassed to tell them it broke again. They'd be heartbroken if they knew.

Please help!

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Hi cochy115,

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please provide us your event ID when you reported this to Sony.



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