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I'm from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. I'm contacting Sony Corporation because I'm have a situation with the guarantee of a TV (KDL-46EX640) which was bought almost a year ago in the black Friday. The TV was bought brand new and sealed box. When I got home that night I opened the TV and plugged it to test it. I realized that the TV had a line in the center of the screen and check the manual to see how to resolve the problem. I tried all the steps recommended in the manual and I could not solve the problem. I decided to call to technical support to help me. After several tests the technician told me to take the TV to the guarantee center so they could it. There I was told that the TV was damaged on the main board and what proceed was an exchange. Sony Puerto Rico declined to exchange the TV claiming that the electronic equipment bought in clearance had no guarantee, but the TV was not in clearance, it was bought in a black Friday sale. Then I decided to communicate with customer service in Sony Puerto Rico and they said that they could not make the exchange or repair the equipment because of the cost of equipment, they said that the main board was more expensive that the cost of the TV. The last excuse that I was told was that Sony Puerto Rico had no offices in Puerto Rico and they moved to Panama and I had to send all the documents and the Information there so they can evaluate them and give an answer to the warranty center. After more than 2 months they denied too the repair or exchange of the TV. The offer me to reimburse me the cost of the TV but never give me a formal answer.

I went to the store that I bought the TV, that is a military store, and they explain me that the agreement between Sony and the Company (in this case NGX - National Guard Exchange) is that once the TV is out of the store, all the guarantees are with the product manufacturer. I went to the local office ot the Department of Consumer Affairs and file a claim but because the store is a military store and Sony do not have offices in Puerto Rico they do not have jurisdiction on the this case. But Sony Puerto Rico sent a lawyer to represent them in the views of determination of responsibility and Sony was billed about $200 an hour by the lawyer and we meet on 3 different occasions. I contacted the warranty center to see what was the cost of the repair of the TV because almost one year later I have not received any affirmative information about Sony Puerto Rico about an exchange or a refund, and for my surprise the TV no longer exist since they keep the damaged units only for 90 days and if they does not have fix they throw it away. So now I lost my money because Sony never resolved my situation and even worst I cannot paid for the TV to be repair as last change because it does not longer exist.

I feel very sad for this situation because I have 34 years and I have been a customer of Sony electronic devices all my life. I have always trusted the brand for quality, durability and customer service. Unfortunately I decided no longer be client of your company and recommend it, I cannot trust that in the future when a have a similar situation with some of your products, there is going be a guarantee that respond how I deserve as a costumer.



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Hi wjlaboy,

We're sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate bringing this to our attention. Please provide us your event ID/reference number to review.



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