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This seems like a basic question but I don't find any clarity in the manual or other documentation. BTW, I'm a paper manual user. I ordered the VP13 manual thru Lulu. I also got the manuals for SF11 and DVDA. Lulu did a very nice job at a reasonable price and there was a coupon I found that made it even better.

I'm now shooting different frame rates of HD and might have reason to shoot lower resolution on an upcoming project. The source is typically Canon XA20, AVCHD files.

When I set the properties for a VP13 project shouldn't they match the properties of the highest resolution source material? (I don't need to get into different aspect ratios in this question.) Is there a better general rule?

If I set the Project Properties to a lower resolution will it reduce source video resolution to that level? So, rendering to a higher resolution output file would have lower quality than if the Project Properties were higher, right? Am I on the right track?

When I render I choose the output resolution for the targeted platform such as DVD, BluRay, YouTube or Vimeo. Is that resolution limited to the initial Project Properties?

If I know a project will only go to a lower resolution (480p) YouTube upload do I have anything to lose or gain by setting the project properties to that from the get go? Maybe lower load on the workstation and faster response?

In any case, can't I re-open an existing project and 'crank up' the project properties at a later date if I need to render to higher quality output?

I imagine there might be gotchas in all this that haven't come to my attention.

Thanks much.

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Charlotte Henderson
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Project properties are those that apply while you are editing. The source files are not changed and the source files are used for rendering

Setting the project properties to match your source just makes life easier for Vegas while you are editing, and hence for you.

There is one exception that I know of: the deinterlace method does affect rendering.
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Lindsay Dunn
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Peter's advice is perfectly good.

I do have a differing opinion though. I always set my project properties to match my desired output. This way i see what it's going to look like when i'm editing so there are no surprises later. The downside is that preview display frame rates may drop a bit when the source material doesn't match, but i can always get around that by pre-rendering where necessary.

Either way is fine, and you can always change the properties to suit your current needs at any time and as often as desired.
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With mixed source, rendering to the lowest common resolution and frame rate is the safest course.
So in this case, it makes sense to preview at those project properties, too.
Most people turn resampling off.
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