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Post » Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:56 pm

I do a lot of educational dvds with lots of short video clips. I find it useful to use the first menu (main menu) as a way of linking to the other menu pages that contain the videos.

After doing 10 or so menus with up to 15 videos on each page, I go back and drag the menu of say "Half pass Videos" onto the main menu so it is a live link to the menu that will open all the videos

How do I keep the project window from adding all of the links of each of the videos to the list under the main menu (which can make this first menu list VERY long). The links are already listed under each of the menus so I don't want them repeated at the beginning menu. I've used DVDA 5.0 in the past and it's worked but now it is doing this as well so think there is a way to specify but don't know where to look or what question to ask.

This is really messing with my ability to make a DVD because now it wants all of these extra links linked
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