my recording levels are too low, how do I get them up to the

Post » Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:24 am

hello everyone in audio playland,

when I record audio dialogue into my microphone, the levels barely come up in the green test area. sound forge needs its levels into the red area at the top of its level reader.
basically, it sounds like I've got the volume turned waaay down on my recordings. this is not the case however, and I've got to almost scream into the mic to get the levels into the red area.
is it a problem with the sound card? could it be the microphone?(its an $80 mic, not the best, but by far not the worst). is there a volume control on my sound card I need to turn up?
please! anyone! I need help!!!!! anything!!!

*&%$ty in seattle
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Gavin Roberts
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Post » Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:48 pm

Double-click on the little yellow speaker icon in the task bar. Click Options, Properties, Recording, OK. You will now be looking at the recording (input) mixer. Adjust the microphone volume with the fader there. You should be able to watch the meters in Sound Forge while you are adjusting.
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Hi there Seattle.......when you are attempting to record via your mic......have you gone into your audio properties and checked to see what the volume level of your mic is?....on all windows can adjust both the playback properties, and the record propertes.......try to reset the volume on your mic in the record properties box.....see if this helps your quiet situation....
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jessica sonny
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