I sent my ST7 sound bar for warranty repair and United Radio returned it without repairing it...

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Hi everyone -

Less than one year ago I bought a new SA-HT-ST7 Sony sound bar. The most expensive model of the sound bar family at that time.

Recently, I noticed an annoying distortion coming from its subwoofer while reproducing specific bass frequencies, such as movie explosions, videogame shooting and jazz music bass.

After talking to Sony Customer Service over the phone, I received the reference number E62504048 and the authorization to submit my device to United Radio in New York for repairs under the 1-year warranty. Unfortunately, if you have a problem with your sound bar anywhere in the country, the only way to have it repaired is shipping to this company in New York.

After spending $50 to pack my device, I shipped it to United Radio. They received my sound bar and the initial diagnostic was there wasn't any problem with it. I sent e-mails to their customer service detailing the problem and offering options to reproduce the issue I found, which I believe they ignored. They decided there wasn't any problem and returned my sound bar which I just received and verified the annoying distortion keeps coming from the subwoofer speakers.

Based on my experience with subwoofers and home theaters, usually the source of this kind of problem is the subwoofer components, such as the spider or its cone, and I specifically ask United Radio check those components. Now that I had my sound bar returned with "no problems", I decided to investigate the problem further and found there were 3 HOLES (!!!) in the spider of the subwoofer speaker (the yellow membrane of the speaker) which is causing the distortion. You can see that in the following photo, which also show the poor quality of the components of a device sold for $1.300:


I want to have my sound bar fixed and I don't plan to spend more $50 to ship it New York again. It is clear United Radio or didn’t properly inspect or didn't want to repair my device.

Please contact me as soon as possible to fix this situation. I want my subwoofer fixed or replaced before my 1-year warranty expires on 12/25.


Andre de Abreu

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Hi andredeabreu, Let me send you a private message. Thanks, Hailey

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