Sony is the worst company on earth.

Post » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:30 pm

That get your attention, Sony? Probably not. Your abandonment of this product is simply reprehensible. The Dash was not cheap and many of us own more than one. It is steadily becoming little more than a paperweight. Once you pull the plug completely legal action can commence. As it is now, the attorneys general I have communicated with have repeatedly been stalled by the minimal effort you have put in to keep it alive when it has stopped working for extended periods of time. One can only wonder if you were testing the waters to see iof pulling the plug completely was an option during those outages.

Ultimately, killing this product will cost you far more than maintaining it would have. You have already lost thousands of customers who were once loyal to your brand. I shunned all Sony products when I remodelled my home theater so you lost a few grand from me. I also bought an Xbox One instead of a PS4. No big deal, certainly. When I and all the rest of the people you screwed over complain loudly to everyone we know and on every Internet forum we can find you probably still won't care. Hence the reason for the title of this post.

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Javaun Thompson
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I have been spending the last two hours going from number to online support back and forth in a circle. I wish I never bought this thing. Worst thing is I needed a clock with multiple alarms so I can manage my son's disabilities. This isn't even for pleasure.

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stevie critchley
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