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I wanna buy a vaio pro but I would like to upgrade it to a 512 SSD by myself.

Has anyone done it before? If I buy a samsung 840 series SATA III, will it fit?

If not, which one do you recommend?

Thks :smileyhappy:

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Jeff Tingler
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Post » Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:43 pm

Right now you cannot upgrade the SSD as the form the SSD takes is quite new. Sony is using Samsung's M.2 PCIe SSDs in the Vaio Pro and Duo 13. Right now there is no word on when (or if) they will be available in retail avenues. The press release for said M.2 PCIe's was almost a month ago so it's literally brand, brand new. At the very least, Sony should theoretically offer replacement drives just in case yours goes wrong and, theorectically, you could buy a bigger one at that time.

There is a good sign on Samsing's site that says the PCIe models are in Customer Sample (read as internal testing) and generally parts that go into said status become widely available. At what price is another question.

Link to press release: Samsung M.2 PCIe SSD Press Realease

(Sony, you guys are awesome for allowing HTML edits. That link would've been massive otherwise)

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Greg Cavaliere
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Post » Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:11 pm

Hmm, Samsung never released pricing so I assume it's either a placeholder or they have some inside info on pricing. Your current links are broken so I'll try the search link: (EDIT: You have an ")" mark at the end of your urls. Removing that ) will bring you to the right pages.) M.2 SSD Listings

I can see these being close to the price but we'll have to wait for Samsung to announce the actual MRSP for confirmation on any pricing.

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laila hassan
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