STRDN1040 problem with freeview when switched on

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I have very recently purchased a STRDN1040 amp and successfully connected it all up this weekend just gone.

I have a slight problem and wanted to check that it was not a setting that need changing before I send it back.

A bit of back ground, I have a Sony PS3 connected to the amp using good quality hdmi cables and then the amp is connected to my Sony KDL 46HX823 using the same type of HDMI cable. I have managed to set up the tv and amp such that I can use ARC and all is well for playing the playstation.

Due to the TV having built in freeview, I use this rather than a Sky box etc. I have noticed that when I select the freeview on my tv and switch the amp on, the signal on the tv goes which results in not video or sound. As soon as I switch off the Amp, the signal comes back. I did think it was the quailty of the signal however I have two feeds from the exterior aerial and tried both. This did not resolve the problem

I have then tried another TV (relatively new samsung) and the same thing happens with this which suggests the fault is with the AMP. I did some checking on the signal strength of the cable through the TV and noticed that it was around 96% but you can see that as soon as the amp is switched on, the signal goes down to 0% and vice versa.

Has anybody else had this problem or know of a solution. I am hoping its something to do with the settings.

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Hi Mit! You appear to be located in United Kingdom. Sony UK has a separate community which can be found here. You can post your issue on that page for further assistance. Thanks!

If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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