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I have two Problems, One With VAIO Care & One With Issues with my PC.
1) I Lost Extended Player From "Accidentally" Uninstalling it after cleaning PC Games That I downloaded Myself. So How can I Reinstall the Extended Player Without having to Buy a Disk or Contact Support from Phone/Online chat. Is there a safe,reliable website that offers Free Installation of Extended Player and Safe Installation?
2) I Clicked on the One Click Care Then After the Report It Shows Performance & check-up. Start and Usage is Fine.
Security (Passed)
Setting (Critical)
Updates (Critical)
Maintenance (Critical)
Please Help Me
Specific Getting into the Settings, Updates and Maintenance Problems.
Windows Automatic Update Settings (Passed)
Internet security settings (Passed)
User Account Control Setting ( Passed)
Device Manager (Critical) "There are errors in Windows Device Manager"
Internet Connectivity (Passed)
Windows Update ( Passed )
VAIO Update ( Passed )
Self Heal ( Critical ) "You have 2 Patches that may fix your computer's recent crashes."
Windows Restore Point ( Passed )
Backup Files (Critical) "Select one of the following options to correct the issue or not to check this setting."
My Questions:
1] Is my Fatal Error Message with the Extended Player Every Login Boot Caused the "Critical" Device Manager in Settings? How Can I reinstall it without system recovery.
2] Whats the risk of system recovery if I just pressed the system recovery button without doing anything else?
3] I do not know what patches to fix my computer's crashes because my computer crash a few months ago, and we bought a Recovery C-D which my co-worker helped me with.
4] Is Back up Files required why is critical?
Steps I took after the Report.
1)Down at the bottom I click Fix all.
Then a pop-up appeared saying Select one of the following to correct to issue or not to check this setting. (Retry) (Next)
2) I choose next.
Then a pop up appears saying There are errors in Windows Device Manager. (Retry) (Next)
3) I choose Retry and failed again. So I clicked next.
4) The report was done. Settings was now Passed But Updates & Maintenance is still back to the same problems plus critical. It says the Device Manager was Passed? I thought the thing was missing Extended player.. Hmm..
Now I'm trying "Run System Tune-up."
Vaio Care asked me Do you want to fix the problem?
(yes) (no)
Disk Defragmenter: 0 problem(s) found
Disk Cleaner: 10 problem(s) found
Registry Defragmenter: 0 problem(s) found
Registry Cleaner: 0 problem(s) found
I clicked Yes.
It tells me "This process may take more than five minutes. Click yes to continue. (clicked yes)
Disk cleaner Completed.
I'm re-checking the Systems Tune-up. Yesterday It gave me errors. But I don't remember exactly. It was late at night. Still 8 Errors in Disk Cleaner after Report.
Ok one more time.
This time 7 Errors. Ok I'll get that problem solved later. In the mean-time checking for that error message that I got yesterday night.
I got a question while I'm looking. "Can I still play a downloadable game from MMO/RPG ? Called World of Tanks or do I have to Install that Extended Player.
Also my Disk Problem is back to 8 problems what is the reason? I thought it was cleaned out? What is Disk Cleaner: 8 problem(s) found?
(Updating) Healthy Status.
Sorry For the Long Thread. I only wanted to be as specific as possible so that I may get the most reliable answer from Sony. Please Reply Thank you. -Alex Please Email me Sony Support Team/ Sony Expert at
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1) C:/Program Data\Sony Corporation\VAIO Care\SelfHeal\SOAOTH-88888888-1060\SOATH-88888888-1060.EXE
2) C:Program Data\Sony Corporation\VAIO Care\SelfHeal\SOAVCA-00229335-1060.EXE
Please Help me Why are these not working in my VAIO Care?
Please Read and answer my last Thread. Thank you Sony.
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