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Post » Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:03 pm

Well, when I use the VAIO Care tools, they seem to work good. The One Click Care scan my notebook, show all the problems in it then asks if I want to solve them, I agree, so it desfrags, cleans the stuffs, seems to do its job. But after doing everything, restarting to desfrag and then restarting the windows again I run the VAIO Care to be sure that he did do everything good, and bang: the problems (stuffs to be cleant) are all there! Still the same one, like the same numbers of problems to be solved.
I don't even know how many times I tried to solve them, and they keep on there. Want to know what to do! Should I reinstall the vaio care?
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Hannah Barnard
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Post » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:53 pm

I chated with some customer support at the sony website backstage stuff... and he told me to reinstall the VAIO Care by downloading the software at the site and also told me to install the VAIO Care Troubleshoot Update.
I did that, installed both and runned the cleaning tools again. Once again, the One Click Care scanned my comp, found the troubles and stuffs to clean... "cleant" but when I scan it again, the problems were still there.

So I downloaded the Auslogics tools (the ones the VAIO Care uses), to clean my system, as it was getting slow because of the many registries and fragmented stuff.
They just cleant everything and desfrag. Then, once again I runned the VAIO Care to scan my system, and bang, everything was good!

So, my problem is: My VAIO Care (lastest version) and also VAIO Care Troubleshoot update just don't work. The disk desfrag, register desfrag and all tools, or just the One Click Care tools, don't work when to solve the problems. They scan but don't solve them.

My notebook model: VPCF1290X

Not even a month that I've bought it.

Waitting for some support reply.

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Kate Schofield
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Post » Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:07 pm


It's possible the some of the files that require to be cleaned is actually in use during the VAIO Care Clean up so therefore those files could be preventing the VAIO Care application from cleaning the PC properly.

My suggestion is that we boot into safe mode by tapping the f8 key and choosing safe mode. Once we booted into safe mode then launch the VAIO Care application and run the system tuneup.

Peter Tat
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