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Good afternoon. For over a week I can't get email on MY DASH. Can't see mail in my Gmail Viewer. Get a POP3 error ... can't connect to POP server.

Thought it may be a Gmail interface issue so tried to get Hotmail and then Earthlink email in the Chumby email app. Both give same message POP3 Error , can't connect to pop3 server. I have done multiplr hard restarts / power off / "restore to normal operation" procedures. I have searched the discussions and community and can find no mention of POP server issues.

Please help .... advise. I'm a disabled, but still working, senior citizen without a fancy, internet, cell phone and my Dash's ability to display my email is very important to me. I have the Dash at my bedside and My Dash allows me to see a message from a client before I would otherwise rise.

Kind regards, Martin

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Harry Leon
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Hi USER-901698,

This is not an issue with the Sony device.
We highly suggest to contact your email service provider regarding your concern.

For further information, please check the link below.,46552,46553/c/65,66/kw/pop3


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Natalie Harvey
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