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Hello. My name is Laura DaLomba. My husband and I purchased a Sony TV (KDL55HX750) in Summer 2012. Serial number is 5013676. Recently the TV stopped turning light was blinking 6 times. We called our local TV store, Flint Audio/Video (77 E Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842). They sent the TV to a local, authorized, repair center for anolysis. The TV was sent out on 9/22/2015. We were just informed that the unit has a defective panel and is beyond economic repair.

Clearly, we are upset. We bought a $2000 SONY TV based upon your company's reputation for quality. Now, hardly 3 years later, we are entirely without a TV. Plus, we paid $145 for the anolysis...that money is gone too.

Is there anything you can do to help us? Or, should we turn to the 'dark side' and buy a Samsung or LG TV at our local BJ's or Sam's Club?

Thank you for your time consideration. We are longtime supporters of SONY corporation. But clearly, this event has us disillusioned. We can provide any proof of purchase that you might need. You can also verify details directly with George, our representative, at Flint.

Laura and Chris

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Hi triguy9969,

We appreciate the time you are taking to let us know about your Sony product. Anything outside of the Limited Warranty, does require a charge. Please check the link below for further assistance.

Or you can visit and check out our new product line-up.



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