BDP-BX58 SACD HDMI firmware screensaver conflict

Post » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:20 am

Dear Sirs,

I've been having to listen to my SACDs on my BX58 through the 2-channel coaxal connection because I have not been able to get any multi-channel SACD audio through HDMI (all other audio fomats work perfectly on HDMI: Dolby TrueHD, dts-Hd, etc); I have now discovered once the player's built-in screensaver kicks in and i switch the input from coaxal to HDMI, the SACD's muti-channel layer comes in perfectly. After this, when i press the display button (NOT the home button) & the original display appears, the SACD's audio through the HDMI ouput disappears. Is there any way to fix this problem in the next firmware update? Thanks.
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