BDP-S3500 Not Playing AVI Files

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I have a BDP-S3500 that I am using to view files on my DLNA NAS. I have used this to replace a WDTV device. The WDTV played all AVI files seamlessly. The BDP is having issues with most AVI files on my NAS. I can play them on all other devices no problem.

I am running the very latest firmware.

I have tried the solution suggested in this post:

But this does not make a difference.

Is this a known issue with AVI files?



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Hello seadolan, thank you for your message. Welcome to SONY Community!

If some of the DLNA content does not display on the Blu-ray Disc player, follow these steps to restore the DLNA content:

  • Using the supplied remote control, press Home button.
  • Select Setup, then press the Enter button.
  • Select Network Settings, then press the Enter button.
  • Select Connection Server Settings, then press the Enter button.
  • Press the Options button.
  • Select Delete All Media Servers, then select Yes.
  • Press the Options button.
  • Select Update Server List.


  • Some files may not play depending on the file format, file encoding, recording condition, or DLNA server condition.
  • Some files edited on a PC may not play.
  • The player can recognize up to 999 files/folders in a single layer.
  • The player does not play DTS format files on a DLNA server. The player can only play Dolby Digital format files on a DLNA server.

playable format.JPG

Your DLNA content should now be restored and should be viewable on the Blu-ray Disc player. The following are possible reasons that certain files still cannot be played:

  • According to DLNA guidelines, the standard video format is mpeg2-PS.

  • A music, movies and photos may contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is designed to prevent copy, may also prevent playback. Cinavia technology is an example of DRM that may be used.

Hopefully this post helps you! Please, mark it "accept as solution"

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