Lost AC power cord for BDP-S3200 bluray

Post » Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:27 pm

Lost AC power cord for BDP-S3200 bluray when I moved recently. Where can I get cord locally, quickly? Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc? Thanks

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Kaley X
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Post » Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:13 pm

Hello there, wulkman!

I don't know if any shops near you sell the AC Adaptor for your Sony Bluray Player, but I do know that the Sony Authorized Dealer named Encompass has this AC Adaptor in stock! Smiley Happy


If stores near you don't sell this AC Adaptor, then you can always check out Encompass! Smiley Happy

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Sony's #1 Fangirl, Esther Smit
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Anna Krzyzanowska
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