Dead Panel, 22-Month-O?ld, $1,599 KDL55W900A?. Where's the LOVE, Sony?

Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:07 pm

I have responded to the PM you sent to me. I have requested to PURCHASE (that's PURCHASE, mind you--not BE GIVEN) a lower-priced 4K set, rather than the higher-priced 1080P available (which is arguably inferior to my useless KDL55W900A). I have received no answer. From what I can see, my responses have not even been read. Time is money, Sony--for me, and for you. I can only remain loyal to the Sony brand (ANY brand), if THEY stay loyal TO ME. Please, read my PMs as quickly as possible.

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By the way, why are we even PMing about this issue? Wouldn't Sony be better served having all our cards on the table? You know, kinda like--TRANSPARENCY? I mean, after all, don't you folks want the world to know all about your world-class, first-class Sony Customer Support? Seems kind of "shady" doing all this via PMs. Oh, well. Sony's forum, Sony's rules, I suppose. But I digress. Please read my PMs. Thanks.

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Hi xoptelmeasox, please check your inbox. Thanks, Yuri

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Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:20 pm

Yuri, please check your PMs for my response.

Regret I can not mark this "Accept as solution," because in the end, it wasn't really "solved." Maybe for Sony it's "solved"--but not for Sony's customer.

I recognize there may be a limit to what you can do. There seems to be a limit as to what Sony "will" do. That is most regrettable and sours my opinion of Sony customer service because--and I have to say it again--I can not afford to spend $1,599 or more for a new TV, every other year.

Last, thank you for your and EllaC's time, even though we could not reach a satisfactory agreement. It isn't your fault--it's Sony's. And that's a really lousy way for Sony to try and keep their customers.

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