Radeon 6970 on it's way - what settings for VP?

Post » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:45 am

Was able to purchase a Radeon 6970 off of ebay for $73 so it's on the way.

What settings would you recommend to squeeze as much timeline performance as possible once I install the card? I've read of making changes to the internal settings of Vegas Pro for memory and OpenCL settings - any recommendations @OldSmoke and/or @BruceUSA ?

As a side note, I chose to edit a short project I shot for a client last week on Vegas ( I shoot regularly for a production house shooting small business profile videos so the editing process is pretty standard). IF it had gone sideways, I could have still edited in PPro was my thinking. What I discovered in the process is I was able to complete the edit in Vegas Pro in about half the time and being able to frame serve to Handbrake and render a higher quality MP4 was a pleasant surprise. Timeline performance was semi lackluster (I'm guessing due to the NVidia card and Vegas not utilizing the GPU as well as Radeon's) - 1 track of four L3 graphics created in Photoshop as PNG's, 3 video tracks and 2 audio tracks with basic color corrections only - footage is Canon DSLR h264 .MOV files.

This has kind of pushed me to Vegas at least for now on shorter projects.

I will say that Vegas Pro + Handbrake frameserving is superior in every way to Adobe PPro CS6 and or Adobe Media Encoder. As much as I tried to frameserve from PPro to Handbrake, it failed each time. The final results with Vegas Pro + Handbrake are readily apparent to my eye as well as speed in the post process.
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