Darker video MS 12 after buying Microsoft Surface

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Hi there, I'm new to the forum.

I bought MS12 back in 2013 when I just couldn't get 24fps HD video from my Canon 5DMKII to render smoothly on Corel Videostudio.

Earlier in 2014 I sold my Sony VAIO laptop running Windows 7, and bought a Windows Surface running Windows 8 64bit.

It was only recently when rendering some footage I had shot in low light, that I saw lots of detail was being lost in darker parts of the video. It was as if the contrast had been turned up.I hadn't really noticed it in previous footage because it was mostly daylight stuff.

Through looking at my rendered footage before and after the change of hardware, I concluded it must be either the Surface, or Windows 8 messing about with the rendering in some way. My camera settings had not changed, and I downloaded a trial copy of Videostudio X7 to see how that managed it, but rendering to the same settings created the exact same high contrast video.

A final thing I tried was rendering some files from before the change of hardware, but they did come out darker than the footage I rendered them to originally. This is why I'm suggesting it has nothing to do with the camera or MovieStudio software.

So has anyone any ideas how a Windows Surface Pro, and/or Windows 8 will have any effect of final rendered video?

Files from the camera are MOV 23.976fps, then I usually always render them to HDV (mt2) 1080x1920p. I have played with all the other settings while keeping these values constant, but it has no effect.

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