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I am using Action video recorder software to record games etc, when I put these recordings in the timeline there is no sound showing, now if I record in MP4 format I get sound but no video.
I have been using a program called AVS & still have this installed now this works fine all video & sound present.
I wanted to use Sony Vegas as it comes recommended & looks more streamlined & sophisticated so I put it on my Christmas list & ended up with 11 not 12 but hey it must be a good place to start!
This problem however has got me pulling my my hair out I have looked on the internet & found some so called solutions including online including a way to convert the files (sound dub I think) & various links to codecs all of which I am dubious about downloading.
I know this is an old subject but & probably been discussed to death but can anyone help please.
Just downloaded & installed Vegas 13 trial no sound here either!!!!
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