Acid 7 Pro tempo changes on drumloop

Post » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:43 pm

I can't help thinking there is a derp setting that I've missed, but here goes: I beatmapped some original studio recorded music with drum tracks removed(they need...fixing shall we say lol). I created some drumbeat samples with Beatcraft and saved them as .wav files. They sound fine when I play them in wma and vlc, for example, but as soon as I add the sample to the ACID project, the tempo goes to half speed- 72bpm drum beat is now 36bpm. I have to compose it at double speed on Beatcraft to make it play correctly in Acid 7- but the sound is heavily degraded. I am narrowing it down to a problem in ACID since the sample does play correctly outside of it. Can someone point me to the derp button? Running Windows 7 Home 64bit Thanks :)
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