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Post » Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:15 am

Last September I posted a query re adjusting the volume for voice recording. There has been no response but hopefully someone may now have some comment.

1. The Windows setting seems to be OK but the setting for the default audio in Movie Studio is doubtful. "Microsoft Sound Mapper" appears in the top box of this page and is repeated in the bottom box as the audio device type. Should this lower box read "Logitech USB Microphone" and if so, how can I enter it?

2. Secondly, Jullian in response to my previous posting suggested adjusting the volume of the track using the "Slider" all the way to the left. Could this be explained please. I have "grabbed" the border and have moved this to the left but no volume controls seem to appear.
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Dan Wright
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Post » Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:57 am

Are you getting your voice recorded? "Microsoft Sound Mapper" means you're allowing Windows to manage the input device automatically. This is normally fine.

The volume control Julian refers to is in the main Vegas timeline, and only affects playback volume. To adjust the recording volume you need to use the control panel installed into Windows by your audio device driver. Probably the simplest way to get to it is to double-click the little speaker icon in the task bar, then go to Properties / Recording, and select the input slider for the Logitech mic.

Your record level should be as loud as you can get it without ever quite touching 0dB.
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Kristian Perez
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