VP13 Import Media frustration

Post » Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:17 pm

Although I felt like I needed to hit myself in the face with a hammer in the hope it might be less painful than watching VP13 thrash about for yet another 15 minutes in the Import Media dialog before ultimately declaring an MP4 (AVC/AC3) file "unknown", I decided to come on here and have a rant instead :-)

If I could have one feature request in the next update, it would simply be to allow the process to be interrupted; when this happens, the Cancel button, though not greyed out, does not respond; in fact, at that point VP is hung and if I want out, it means Task Manager.

Seriously, freeware programs will either load a file or not, they don't lock up the application! By the way, the file in question opens instantly in VLC, Handbrake, WMP .... but this is not about formats, it's about trying to understand how an allegedly professional application can have such a hard time loading a video file.

It's been grinding away on all cores now while I've been writing this and no end in sight, time for the hammer I think ... sorry, I meant Task Manager. Am I the only one losing my mind over this? Surely this is a basic function of a video editing application?
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