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Post » Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:42 pm

Two days after I had expanded my studio with a new TV, my monitor refused to cooperate. It seems that LCD lighting has died.
So I need to purchase immediately one or two monitors.
The TV (Sony 32W705B) is for preview. The monitor(s) will be used for timeline (and maybe color correction).
What would you advise? I'm thinking about two EIZO EV 2450.
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Post » Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:30 pm

I'm a big fan of the ultra HD monitors that can do higher res than the typical 1920x1080. I have an Asus that does 2560x1440 and the added real estate for Vegas and other editing software is really beneficial. The Asus looks great, but I do calibrate it with a Spyder 4. I recently was in a Fry's and saw a few of the super ultra wide monitors, like 3880 (or whatever it is) by 1080. They were pretty cool, too, I gotta say, great for editing, and they were cheaper than I thought. Monoprice also has a 4k monitor (@60hz via displayport) that seems quite tempting, really cheap, too. Some complain about it being too reflective but that would not be a problem in my studio. I don't think I'll never buy another 1920 monitor for an editing system again. (Although, the Eizo's are excellent)
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