[New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

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I very recently acquired the new Sony Vaio Pro 13".

Everything seems to work admirably except for the Wifi Card.

As a matter of fact, the card works fine in a range of 15 feet around the router.

But when I cross that range, the wifi download & upload speed falls dramatically: download goes from ~20Mbps to 0.5Mbps!

This issue is clearly related to the Vaio Pro as the other computers in my household do not experience such issues.

What I tried to do:

> Re-install the driver of the intel card (available on the Sony website)

> Change the properties of the card

Unfortunately, those actions did not solve the issue...

Do you have any idea what could be the problem and a way to fix it?

Some ideas:

> Defect card (bad connectivity, ...)

> Global issue with the new Sony Vaio Pro laptops

> Properties of the card not good

> ???

Hoping to have some answers,



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Post » Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:53 pm

Hi Jon,

same thing here, I have exactly the same symptoms on my Euro-spec model that I have received two days ago. The Wifi works fine if I sit directly next to the router, but if I only go a few metres further to the next room (where all other devices are still working fine), the Pro 13 shows completely inconsisitent behaviour.

It tends to drop the connection every few minutes, and even if I have a connection, the speed is very low (also around 0.5MBps) most of the time. Then, briefly, it seems to get up to normal speed, and then dies again.

I have also read about this problem in other forums, so it does not seem to be an isolated case of defective hardware, or a problem with a specific router only. I also tried to install the new Wifi driver version from the Intel website (not yet available from Sony), as it was suggested in another forum that this may provide some improvement, but I do not see any change.

This makes my new top-spec Pro 13 practically unusable for me. I need this computer for work and have already spent a good bit of my weekend trying to sort out the problem.

I will contact support tomorrow, and see what they have to say about it. I hope Sony/Intel can figure out a solution in the short term, otherwise I'll need to send this notebook back for a refund, as it is useless for me in this condition.

How could such a severe problem not be noticed during product development and testing?



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