Windows 7 and the USBDRVEN.EXE driver

Post » Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:46 pm

Anybody with an older Windows XP era camera that has switched to Windows 7 has discovered that the USB driver package:


Version :N/A

Last Modified :03/01/2004

Size :1.52 MB

will not run on Windows 7. I worked around this by installing the
USB drivers in Windows XP and copied the two that are necessary
( sonypvu1.inf and SONYPVU1.SYS ) and installed them
on Windows 7 from Device Manager.

I uploaded these files to with step
by step instructions. I believe it's still free to join driverguide.

If there's a place at the Forum to upload drivers I'll be happy to
do it.

It works perfectly with my MVC-FD97 ( both memory stick
and floppy drive) If it works for your camera
please post the results here for future reference.

Jim T.
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