windows 7 service pack 1 upgrad error in windows update install 80070002 & 800B0100

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Ihave tried everything I know. The last suggestion was to change DirectX drivers for the VIAO intel video but can't get VIAO Assist site to bring up the latest driver

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Windows Update Troubleshooter:

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I'm having a similar issue installing the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 on my machine.

Model: Sony VAIO laptop VPCS13SGX

I keep getting a failure with the following error: TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE (0x800b0100)

I've tried the System Update Readiness Tool and Windows Update Troubleshooter to no avail. I've even updated device drivers from the Sony e-support site before running the Windows Update to no avail.

The CheckSUR log indicates there is a problem with KB2633952 (it is corrupt). I tried re-installing KB2633952 (x64) to no avail.

I'm currently backing up my laptop because I have a feeling that I'm going to have to re-install the OS. However, I do not have a disc as it was installed by Sony. Can you provide a link to the OS so that I can re-install?

Thank you.

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Hi azyurblue,

Welcome to Sony Community!

Here is the link on how to Reformat the computer back to factory setting. Please take note that you need to back up all your files before you start the process because they will be deleted permanently.,66/kw/How%20to%20recover%20the%20comput...

I hope this helps.



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